Choosing to Work with Jenn Asia Cocktail Piano means choosing to work with a professional who understands atmospherics and applies the theory of  Conscious Space Design to enhance audience experiences. 

At the young age of thirty, She has been educated in Marketing, Psychology and Business Management. She incorporates these skills with music performance to build environmental experiences. 

I want to play music that awakens emotion through musical nostalgia. To create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
— Jenn Asia


Businesses use Piano Background Music as a marketing tool to influence the unconscious behaviors of consumers.
The exposure to the right type of music can evoke in consumers a mood that can enhance purchase probability.
— Sullivan & Adcock 2002
Consumers spent a significantly longer time ... and spent significantly more on purchases during the pop-music condition compared to the no-music condition[...] Classical and pop music were shown to generate the greatest spending out of classical, pop, easy-listening, and no-music conditions
— Yalch & Spangenberg, 2000
...Findings showed that subjects were willing to pay more in the classical-music condition than in the no-music or easy-listening conditions. [...] Classical and pop music were associated with items of higher prices that subjects were willing to pay.
— North & Hargreaves, 1998
The use of a certain style or genre of music creates a perception of the environment.

Classical music in a restaurant or store produces the judgment that the setting is upmarket, and to match this atmosphere, people will buy more expensive items to also be perceived as classy.
— Wood & Allen, 2012

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